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the message both presidentil candidates are focusing on n the waning weeks of the gn. turning up the heat in the home stretch. the message both presidential candidates are focusing on in the waning weeks of the campaign. a party crash in san francisco bay. the mistake made by a boat captain and the near disaster for the men attending a bachelor party on board. and history. made at a snail's pace. the progress tonight as the shuttle endeavour inches its way toward its new home. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a busy day for both presidential candidates as they rally voters in two key battleground states with just weeks left in the campaign. both candidates are turning up the heat and looking ahead to the next debate. cbs reporter ines ferre on the singular message coming from both camps. >> reporter: paul ryan tailgated with football fans in
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ohio. while mitt romney rallies supporters in the key battleground state. no republican has won the white house without a victory in ohio. >> i'm counting on you portsmouth. let's make it happen. >> reporter: saturday romney told the crowd in the major manufacturing state that the obama administration isn't holding china cattable for unfair -- accountable for unfair trade practices that cost americans job. >> i want to make sure that when people cheat, well they don't follow the rules in trade we finally hold them accountable. it's time for us to stand up to china for their cheating that's got to stop. >> reporter: voters say the economy is the number one issue in the election. >> i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years laters it's paying you have in a big way. >> reporter: president obama argues the decision saved jobs. >> gm is back. ford and chrysler are growing again. together our auto industry has created nearly a quarter of a million new jobs right here in america. >> reporter: the president arrived in virginia saturday.
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he's cramming for the second presidential debate in williamsburg at a golf resort. campaign watchers say that the president needs a strong showing tuesday night. national polls show the race is a dead heat after romney got a boost from his performance at the first match-up. the republican candidate will spend sunday practicing for round two. ines ferre for cbs news. >> and you can watch tuesday night's highly anticipated debate from cbs 5. coverage begins at 6:00. the second presidential debate will be conducted in a town hall format allowing people to ask questions about foreigner and domestic policy. well closer to home, both republicans and democrats went door to door in berkeley talking to voters about an array of measures on the california ballot. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us why both are deciding to use a more personal approach. >> reporter: this election is very very important. >> reporter: that's one point we can all agree on. the rest of it from propositions to the president not so much.
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that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door to door to educate voters on the issues. >> when you go out there oh they say this is important. i really think it's effective. >> reporter: it's a strategy the republicans are employing too. >> so it's really a combination of getting stuff in the mail, seeing what's on tv, and then that direct contact that brings the deal home. >> reporter: with such a wide array of decisions to be made we spoke with a lot of people out on the street who have note yet made up their minds. >> it's a lot more investigating the deal. >> i'm still reading on some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it's actually really rude and sad when people are trying to sway us. it's a really personal opinion and i think everyone's entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough and that i can make up my own mind. >> reporter: still, door to door campaigning won't end anytime soon.
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>> in the final analysis, it does improve turnout. and so for now, we're stuck with this system. wellsite what the -- see what the future holds. >> reporter: in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5 early edition. >> well, holster man is in jail tonight suspected of killing a woman whose body was found inside a home where he'd holed up. 30-year-old david kurris surrendered inside the home on the 2100 block of sierra vista. he is being held for the murder of 25-year-old heather carroll who was last seen wednesday dropping off her 5-year-old son at school. a woman is hospitalized tonight after being hit on the caltrain tracks in san francisco's hill neighborhood. the southbound train had just left the station at fourth and king when the woman was struck. service was impacted for a few hours but is now back on schedule. no information on why the woman was on the track. well, tonight the coast guard is investigating the near sinking of a san francisco
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party boat. the 45-foot neptune was hosting a bachelor party when it hit a shoal near alcatraz and began taking on water. the captain tried to steer the boat to pier 39 in spite of the foot long gash in its hull. things got worse and the cutter showed up to rescue the 22 passengers. >> i think that was the only one i was concerned because i don't really like boats but everyone else was loving it. i was loving it as soon as we got off the boat. that wasn't sinking. so -- now i'm cool with it. >> no one was hurt and the boat has been towed for repairs. checking other bay area headlines, a judge is expected to rule monday on whether an 18- year-old man will stand trial on seven felonies including the theft of a lamborghini. 18-year-old max wade is accused of stealing the $200,000 car belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri and also charged with attempted murder for shooting at a mill valley couple.
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hundreds of workers at the bakery chain are facing termination tonight and they tell us starbucks the new owner, sent letters claiming there are discrepancies in their social security numbers. they have 60 days to prove they're in the country legally or they'll be fired. starbucks denies the workers are being threatened. and three people are facing charges after narcotics detectives raided a pot growing operation. police say more than 5400 plants were found inside two warehouses in san leandro. wonk and qi and leeyong are charged with marijuana cultivation. they had a street value of more than $2 million. the slow moving shuttle show continues to wow spectators in los angeles. it's being moved along tight city streets to its new home at the california science center and these are live pictures near bald win hills a los
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angeles suburb where the endeavour is now running some three hours behind schedule. the truck is being hampered by the many obstacles along the road from trees to power lines to buildings. but you can see there are still crowds lining the streets. cbs reporter louie is a hodge on the intricate maneuvering required. >> like a kid in a candy store. >> i to see it going down the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets the excitement erupted. >> it's really awesome and i'm kind of like oh my god. >> right there the wing is so close. >> reporter: but authorities are actually pushing back onlookers who are trying to reach up and touch it. crews lifted branches to avoid the wing's touch and you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closeness may be thrilling for the onlookers it also presented challenges. the shuttle's wing got stuck
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behind this tree at ken thaw drive and -- ken shaw drive and 83rd drive and needed to do a maneuver to go around it. street signs were moved minutes before the arrival of the shuttle and trees were clipped and power lines repositioned. but with inches to spare, the shuttle managed to squeeze on by. >> oh that's wonderful! it just missed a pole by an inch. [ laughter ] >> i was not prepared on how big it actually is going to be. it really is blowing me away. >> it is absolutely out of this world. >> reporter: but this is the last out of this world story the shuttle will ever tell. >> louisa hodge reporting. why one former tenant says he saw this disaster coming. >> and an incredible accomplishment from half court. what a bay area college student earned for sinking this shot. >> wow. good evening everybody, the coast is clear. check this out. and tomorrow, temps going up. the warmest day of this
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workweek still to come as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
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who was shot in the head bya taliban gunman in pakistan.e hundreds of schoolgirls rallying in afghanistan for a 14-year-old girl who was shot in the head by a taliban gunman in pakistan. the taliban admits shooting her four days ago to silence her campaign for girls' education. she has been writing a blog about life in the war-torn country and is an outspoken critic of the taliban. doctors are optimistic she will recover. crews continue to clean up after a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular eatery and damaged several adjoining businesses. flames gutted the squat and gobble cafe on west portal avenue before done yesterday morning. a wine shop next door was also heavily damaged a former tenant was surprised by the destruction. >> that's an old building. even when it was a new building -- it was an old building already. the place was falling apart -- talking about 1980. >> it took firefighters more
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than ten hours to contain all the hot spots. two had minor juries and the fire doesn't appear to be suspicion investigators say. the weather looked good for the delayed supersonic sky diving attempt. the austrian expects conditions will be right for tomorrow's jump near roswell. new mexico. at sunrise baumgartner will rise in a capsule carried by massive helium balloon and then jump from 23 miles high. he expects to reeds speech up to 7 -- reach speeds up to 700 miles an hour breaking the sound barrier as he plunges back to earth. well, college student from the bay area is the proud owner o a new -- of a new car after he sank the unbelievable basketball shot. this video is from san diego state's midnight madness event last night. that's the native craig horbach. he makes a half court heave to win a new set of wheels. no word on the price make or
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model but it's safe to say he upstaged the actual basketball players at least for one night. what'd you say san diego state right? >> home of my aztecs. >> all right, good evening everybody. it's live it's our cbs 5 weather camera. what a difference a day makes, the abundance of sunshine and now the days that will top off in the 90s as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. c dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher and brighter every day.
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veterinarians at uc davis will try to help a dog that lost its snout while saving two young girls in the philippines, the dog reportedly jumped in
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front of a speeding motorcycle to stop it from crashing into the girls. along with her snout, the dog named cabang loster upper jaw. she will go through at least two surgeries over the next six weeks in davis. well, if you're looking for a lovable pet to adopt, look no further than the peninsula humane society in burling game. this shelter is overrun with kitties and is waiving the usual $95 adoption fee from now until christmas. the shelter will also pay to have the pet spayed or neutered and give them all the vaccinations and a chip id. good place to go looking for a little cat. all right roberta i don't know. yesterday i was wearing a sweater and today shirts and a t-shirt. >> after three straight days of nothing but clouds and isolated showers today we recovered ever so nicely with nothing but blue skies and really clean fresh air. it's live it's our cbs 5 weather camera. good evening, looking out towards oakland from the city
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of san francisco where the winds are increasing and temperatures dropped to 64 in san francisco. after realizing a high now of 70 which is spot on for this time of the year. currently in the mid 70s in redwood city. after realizing 76 in redwood city. 64 degrees downtown san francisco for the saturday night plans and the winds are picking up. on shore flow we remember at 17 miles per hour. -- westerly at 17 miles per hour. the extended forecast calls for the temperatures to warm each day but tonight. tumble into the 40s and the 50s with the areas of clouds. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area banging up against the pacific northwest riding a very vigorous jet stream. we have the big dome of high pressure that's sliding to california and warming up the air mass. watch what happens. first off futurecast watch the clock. you see some of the valleys fill in with areas of patchy
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low clouds and fog. otherwise north bay pretty fog free. then all the clouds pretty much retreat during the afternoon hours and we have this stage set for a day that's going to pan out to be warmer than today. 60s coming at the beaches. 70s are on the peninsula. northwest breeze late day to 20 and san jose where we top off at 78 degrees which is seasonal. then we go all the way up to 8 # degrees brentwood tracy, oakley all the way into discovery bay. low 80s around san ramone. higher than that in blackhawk. 77 degrees tomorrow in the forecast for nevada and we're talking near 70 again in san francisco. look at the five day forecast and you'll notice a gradual warm up but then we're talking about warmer conditions on thursday and on friday. that's your pinpoint forecast. kim with sports. all right, thanks roberta. the giants and cardinals workout at at&t park. i'm kim coyle. a goal line stand with
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stanford. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants hop on a plane late last night and they're back home early this morning. >> i know and they have that me canal delay too that's left them in cincinnati for an extra two and a half hours. nonetheless they're ready for the rematch of the 2002 nlcs. tim lincecum may have been a hero in cincinnati but not enough to guarantee the spot in the rotation. bochy said he will be available for games one and two of the
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nlcs. here's the starters for the first two games. tomorrow bumgarner will try and shake off the loss in game two against the reds. vogelsong gets the nod for game two. he went five innings giving up a one and three hits in game three. >> really, if you look at the -- the game we had and the game they had, they were similar. we were up 6-0 barely hung on and they found a way to get it done. and you know, both clubs at some point had their backs to the wall. they were down a couple of runs in the 9th and they found a way to get it done. it says a lot about the two clubs the character of the clubs and how hard they fight. it should be a good series here. >> there's the ball hit off the glove of desmond! two runs are going to score. the cardinals will tie it up. >> one of last night's heroes for the cardinals drove in the game tying run for the cardinals. it will be a homecoming for
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descalso who was born and bred and graduated in st. francis. he had two home runs and six rbis. >> when i got the hit to tie it you know i was on first base all fired up. but the guys were going crazy in the dugout and that fired them up even more out there. when pete got the big knock to put us ahead. there was chaos in there. i mean that's an awesome feeling. >> he's somebody that has -- the respect of our entire clubhouse. a group of guys who've had a lot of accomplishments. really understand and appreciate the style of became player that daniel -- baseball player that daniel is and i think he's showing the world what he has. he's just a ballplayer. andrew luck is gone but certainly not forgotten down at stanford. without him, the cardinal offense has yet to score a touchdown on the road this season. second quarter in south bend stanford down 3-0. the' tisch backed up in their own -- irish backed up in their own zone.
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all over golson causes the fumble and thomas falls on it for the stanford touchdown. up 10-3 at the half. second half on third and 18. notre dame strikes golson from 34 yards tout tie the game at 10. to overtime and in overtime notre dame gets on the board first. the backup qb tommy reese finds jones. the cardinal on third and goal. it's taylor is stuffed bid the notre dame defense. then on fourth down they try it again. same result. officials would review the play on the second effort but the call on the field would substantiate. the cardinal -- stand. the cardinal would lose and under 300 yards and no touchdowns. san jose state hosting utah state. not a good homecoming for the spartans defense. the aggies connect for their fourth touchdown of the day. spartans down 28-3 from there
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san jose state put up 17 unanswered points. david's pass to gregsby. 28-20 at the half. but the aggies were too much in the second half. the spartans' defense gave up over 500 yards on the day. the quarterback on the keeper 28 yards san jose state falls to 4-2 and loses 49-27. where were you the last time the raiders won in the eastern time zone? tom cable was the head coach and the kid from pittsburgh lived out his childhood dream. >> it's like a game in your backyard. flag football game. a pickup game. you just -- got to play. >> it's unbelievable. it's special. it's special. >> the great gronkowski stunned the steelers back in 2009. since then the raiders lost six
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straight in the eastern time zone. tomorrow they'll look to hand the falcons the first loss of their season. >> we're a pretty confident bunch no matter what's going on you know. we know what we're capable open doing and it's just a matter of piecing everything together. i believe it's going to snowball for us and we can one, two, three, four, five six wins in a row but i starts with the first one. we really need to get one going so we can get to stacking them. of course you can see the raiders and falcons right here on cbs 5 and stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter with dennis and jeremy. and mike mitchell is right. just get one and gain the confidence. they are headed in the right direction. >> i like your confidence too. thanks kym. all right, some pieces of white house history are up for auction. they were collected by a man with a carpenter there for 33 years from trueman to ronald reagan. now that carpenter's grandson is selling about 1,000 hand me downs and they include trueman's lighter and kennedy
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jr.'s monogrammed baby pin. also a burnt wooden post from 114 when the british set fire to the -- 1814 when the british set fire to the white house. it was done during reconstruction. some of the starting bids were as high as $12,000. that's pretty cool. all right we're going leave you now with live pictures near bald win hills the los angeles suburb where the endeavour is now -- running some three hours behind schedule. but a sight to behold and it's sort of the impromptu parade down in southern california where millions of people will be visiting it at the museum. do you think they could have navigated the streets of san francisco with us? >> what about almost bard? they removed trees. >> they did. they planted more in place of them. >> but they can't move the buildings. >> they can't. >> that's their challenge. >> all right. >> that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back here in about a half an hour and then again at 10:00 and 11:00. have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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